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Mar 30,

Health screening

At Concierge Doctor 24/7, we believe prevention is better than cure and that’s why we encourage all of our patients to undergo annual health screening. We provide a comprehensive Wellman and Wellwoman medical check up, taking into consideration your current and previous medical history, your family history of illness and your current lifestyle. We perform a series of tests to assess your health at your bedside. These include height and weight, blood pressure, urine analysis, ECG, visual tests, stress analysis as well as a full body examination and blood tests that include tests for your kidneys, liver, cholesterol, PSA, thyroid, hormone levels, blood sugar levels to screen for diabetes and haemoglobin to screen for anaemia. We can tailor the health screen to be specific to you and add additional tests or investigations when appropriate. The purpose of the health screen is to minimise the chances of any future illnesses and to keep you fit and healthy. Our CD247 team works with you at your pace. They ensure every question and concern is addressed and make sure that you never feel rushed during your health screen. You will receive a full report and follow up consultation with recommendations for not only medical problems identified but also nutritional advice and onward referral to our extensive network of leading specialists when needed. CD247 is a leader in personalised health screening at home, allowing access to this important screen to people who otherwise would not have the time or the means to have one carried out.